Tomb Raider, a modern video game experience

9th Mar 2013

I'll say it here's my first impression of the new Tomb Raider: 15 minutes of playstation's slow updating.

I'm not sure what's up with games recently. Maybe marketing folks live in a different world and they think we live in theirs too? I've read a lot of articles questioning the usability of asking the user to register for extra features before they event get to play the game. Here it's different the update kept me away from the game (before I got to the pop up asking for my email) I understand the need to fix vulnerabilities, exploits and so on. But I didn't do anything wrong buying the game? or putting it in my PS3? I'm not blaming anyone or any entity specifically for disappointment in my experience here. And yes I know I can choose to not update and be signed off, the pop up would still annoy me. I'm just wondering, in an ideal world would there be a solution? what would it be?

  • Could the ps3 start downloading the update from the homescreen before i even lunch it (in the background)
  • Can the update download in background while you play the game? If it's a multiplayer update, and you play SP I don't see why not?

Okay maybe they can't. Doesn't seem like I can come up with a lot of options. Hard problem perhaps we should just avoid it...

Side note: Sound

As soon as the game (finally) loaded I heard popping/noise coming from the speakers. Apparently it has to do with how the playstation does decoding before sending the signals over HDMI, and when you have the ps3 (slim) hooked up to a receiver (an Onkyo) you don't really need that.

The solution was to go to Settings > Video Options > Blu...something... Audio and select bitstream, after doing that (although my reciever still displays PCM) the speakers don't make noise. (totally logic right, audio settings in the video menu? WDSWYCDC*.)

Here's what lead me to it (also contains some info about the gen 1 ps3)

Side note: Tomb Raider, the actual game

Just awesome, best Tomb Rider since probably the 3rd one. I'm sure ghostrobo's walkthrough does it far better justice than a review from me would.


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