A New Hope

11th May 2014

Over the recent months I've had a conceptual struggle about my site and the blog. What should it be about? How do I keep it going forward? It was always a place to experiment but what do I want to experiment now? More importantly what do i have time do? I…

Version 4 - from Drupal to Pico

5th Jan 2014

paaat version 4 is now live! It's not a major change from v3 but i changed the cms so it's major enough on the backend. Setup ~ 2 hours Pico is designed to be super simple and easy to work with so setup was a breeze. I actually spent more time updating…

Switched Hosting

2nd Nov 2012

When redesigning the site I had decided it would be good to consolidate the hosting to a single account. So I installed the site to a GoDaddy shared hosting, it's called something else that's much fancier like grid hosting or could hosting I think. After installing Drupal I found my…


26th Sep 2012

Okay new version is now all up and running, just waiting for the DNS to switch over and it's all good. Just a few more pages to polish up in the meanwhile.

paaat v3 - for real this time!

16th Sep 2012

Little to say, for a rather big accomplishment or so it would seem. After years of being too busy and having more important things to do I finally managed to update my website. I decided to start with little and add later to avoid getting caught in the details (since…