Switched Hosting

2nd Nov 2012

When redesigning the site I had decided it would be good to consolidate the hosting to a single account. So I installed the site to a GoDaddy shared hosting, it's called something else that's much fancier like grid hosting or could hosting I think. After installing Drupal I found my self with 20 second page load times, one test result even gave me 4000+ millisecond time to first byte! Didn't have a single problem with the other sites but this one would just return errors... that's how long the pages took to load!

After doing some research the consensus seemed to be that GoDaddy was too aggressive with it's shared hosting policies putting too many sites or databases on the same servers. Made sense all the other sites are smaller and static so I never noticed any database problems, they didn't have any database. Apparently when you have hundreds or thousands of sites using the same database it is not very fast, who would have thought? The same solutions kept coming again and again:

  1. Complain to tech support UNTIL they "give you more cpu time" or something like that.
  2. Ask tech support to disable fast CGI.
  3. Get hosting somewhere else.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided that only one of those was a solution and the others were just pushing back the problem not solving it. I had a fun time moving the site i had just setup but now that everything is up and running... again... and with a decent performance I'll be able to move on to other more interesting improvements/experiments. I was going to say something about customer service and customer satisfaction but I'm not even going to go there.