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Here you'll find some information about past web design projects I worked on.

Virginia Tech Gymnastics Club


  • New html5 and css3 design
  • Easy updates: copy, paste, edit and done!
  • Videos from the youTube channel, always up to date

This was a redesign project, the old site used a table layout and wasn't the most accesible to update. The new site provided; a new clean and modern design, an easy maintain and update code structure and integration of youtube and flicker for easy upload of new media.


  • New design and style
  • Media page automatically loads latest videos from youtube channel
  • Content only html for easy maintenance

C2 Resource Studio


  • C2 Resource homepage
  • All CSS submenu for materials page

This is a project I worked on with industrial designer Saylor Allf to make his graphical concepts site and turn them into a website. My job consisted of taking the design and specifications of the site and write the code make it a reality. Taking a concept and turning it into a funcional site isn't easy and takes a few iterations but the result is rewarding in itself.


  • Collaboration between design and developement
  • CSS3 features like web fonts, drop shadows, etc.
  • No Flash, html5+css3+javascript designs usually make for more accessible websites

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