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In this section you can find information on the bigger software projects that I worked on. I've included some images and a short description but if you want to know more feel free to contact me.


MineVis is the system I build for my masters thesis. The goal was to enable visual text analytics of large sets of text data and assist the task with the integration of compositional data mining algorithms. With MineVis you start on a database and you can run two levels of data mining (mining and chaining) via the web interface and then explore the results from the browser. This enables the long and heavy data crunching to be done on the server and the client to load the needed data just in time via Ajax.

One of the main goals was to take the tedious tasks away from the user and let them focus on data exploration. To do this the web interface offers simple controls to configure projects and algorithms and then handles all the needed data transformations and command generation for the user.

Another goal was to allow for novel ways to explore text datasets. Unlike other visual analytics tools MineVis doesn't show direct links between documents, instead it uses biclusters which are groups of related keywords across two domains and links those to documents. The resulting link chains (document to bicluster to document) represent indirect links. For instance a direct link would be two documents mentions Mr. Omega so they are linked. In MineVis a link looks more like Mr. Omega, Mr. Delta and Mr. Alpha are in a bicluster with Location A and Location B. So a document mentioning Mr. Omega in Location A is linked to another document mentioning Mr. Alpha in Location B, there is not necessarily a direct keyword link. So instead instead of using keywords along MineVis pairs keywords across different domains making it easier to discover relationships

Language(s): PHP, Java, HTML5+CSS3+JS Framework(s): Symfony, jQuery, RaphaƫlJS


ForceSPIRE is a visual text analytics application that I wrote in collaboration with Alex Endert during graduate school. It allows a user to explore a text data set as a graph of text files linked through common keywords.

The key feature is a process we call semantic interaction in which the graph layout can adapt to the user's actions to reflect what they think is important. For example a user might highlight a keyword in a document and other documents containing that keyword will move closer to the current document. To see it in action check out this demo video.

For more information on ForceSPIRE you can read Semantic Interaction for Visual Text Analytics

Language(s): Java

Eagle Systems Software


The Eagle System Software Controller Interface project was an upgrade project. The software is used to control a foil stamping machine, the original software was written in VB6. This project was more than just a port to VB .Net, the software was improved during the upgrade from many aspects. Streamlined interface, always accessible menus, intuitive icons, compatibility with 32bit and 64bit computers. New features, save and export jobs, integrated instruction manual on screen. Language(s): Visual Basic .Net

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