Switched Hosting

2nd Nov 2012

When redesigning the site I had decided it would be good to consolidate the hosting to a single account. So I installed the site to a GoDaddy shared hosting, it's called something else that's much fancier like grid hosting or could hosting I think. After installing Drupal I found my…


26th Sep 2012

Okay new version is now all up and running, just waiting for the DNS to switch over and it's all good. Just a few more pages to polish up in the meanwhile.

Mobile friendly Drupal form

20th Sep 2012

Let's go straight to the point, Drupal's default contact form simply doesn't play nice with small devices. Here I'll take about too major issues I had with it while testing it on my iPhone, the first a screen size problem and the second a functionality problem. I'll use CSS, HTML5…

paaat v3 - for real this time!

16th Sep 2012

Little to say, for a rather big accomplishment or so it would seem. After years of being too busy and having more important things to do I finally managed to update my website. I decided to start with little and add later to avoid getting caught in the details (since…

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