paaat v3 - for real this time!

16th Sep 2012

Little to say, for a rather big accomplishment or so it would seem. After years of being too busy and having more important things to do I finally managed to update my website. I decided to start with little and add later to avoid getting caught in the details (since this is probably the 7th attempt to get paaat to v3 and the only one i finished). Since the last major website update I graduated from high school, college with a bachelors degree and a masters degree and more, so I did have some decent excuses for postponing my websites redesign. It's always harder to work on yours because i've definitely done a dozen websites for others (clubs, friends, family) and I got all these done rather quickly. Well at last this one also off to a new start!

I remember reading about a website redesign a few years back and while they were web designers they did hire someone for the graphics or something. And having to pay to redo their own website, for someone that does just that for a living, actually helped a lot. I guess I've experienced it myself, maybe it's got something to do with being the designer and the client. I always get lots in little usability or graphic details instead of focusing on the big picture.

What should i do better next time? Be a more strict client to myself, set deadlines and refuse to push them back. And perhaps more importantly client me should remind designer me about the big picture more often. Designer me should be more lean and agile, like building a house I should probably do all the masonry first and then worry about utilities and the color of the faucet in the downstairs bath room matching the tiles. Clearly the other way around makes for a great bathroom but that's kinda useless without the house around it... On the bright side I think I already did a got bit of that this time around. I've got a solid base with the blog and the portfolio but I've also got room to expand with more now that the base is done.