A New Hope

11th May 2014

Over the recent months I've had a conceptual struggle about my site and the blog. What should it be about? How do I keep it going forward? It was always a place to experiment but what do I want to experiment now? More importantly what do i have time do?

I currently have a lot of commitments during the week, partially due to the fact that I'm involved in 3 different sports. Needless to say my time at home has been minimal and not much of it was spent by the computer.

Recently I tried to make an html5 game. I didn't do so bad for the 2 days I spent on it with an engine (MelonJS) I didn't know before. Including writing the design documents. But to implement it all now would take a huge amount of effort which after a long day of programming awesome interactions at Nothing isn't always possible.

Writing the design was fun, implementing it was fun as well but it requires a time commitment greater than I can make now. in a way I want to put the document itself on here. Talk about how I would make the game, how it would work, how I would use agile development to break it down into several prototypes. Also in doing this small game experiment I came up with more ideas for more games and if I can't implement one there's no way I'll do 2 or 3.

But perhaps I can use them as such and publish them as conceptual experiments. I wont implement the games I'll just talk about them, get in details about the mechanics and how they would work.